Geneva, IL – Old Towne Pub & Eatery Review

In my recent final Midwest swing of the year, before the snow flies and I head back south to the farm, I was meeting various friends around the city and burbs for fellowship and food.   One of my stops took me to Geneva, IL, a far western burb – you’d recognize the quaint downtown if you saw the Tom Hank’s movie “Road to Perdition.”

Geneva’s downtown is vibrant with cute boutiques, specialty shops, antiques and eateries.  I stopped in for a beer only (Stella on draft) at the Old Towne Pub & Eatery, and got suckered in to having the Sunday special, a $5 burger, by the smooth talking and oh so cute waitress, “Nikki.”

Old Towne has a great bar food menu, with some good innovations, and aesthetically pleasing preparation.  They also have beer taps on some of the tables, pour yourself, if you’re inclined – the flow is metered and you’re charged by the ounce.  Wouldn’t be able to take Mrs. Burgerdogboy in there, she’s pull a Barney (the Simpsons) stunt, lie on the floor with the tap and her mouth wide open!

Burgers are 1/2 pound Angus, dressed with tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle;  a whole raft of additional toppings  and cheeses are available with an up charge.  Sandwiches and such are served with a choice of sides from a long list:  fries, tots, chips, or chips and salsa.  Always one to appreciate the small things in life, I can tell you Old Towne has a great pickle spear.

The burger was prepared as ordered, and the beef had great flavor.  It was one of those times I felt condiments did a disservice, and that was the second time in a week, following my visit to Vickies Place, up river from Geneva.

Take a look at the menu for Old Towne, and spend a pleasant afternoon or evening in Geneva.

Old Towne Pub Geneva Review



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Old Towne Pub Geneva review

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