Portland – Buffalo Wild Wings

Tough to get me into a Wings place.   Chicken wings are kinda like potato skins,  those things they used to throw away, IMHO, until the Anchor Bar in Buffalo New York changed all that (at least for wings).  Add to the horror that most wing places (BWW was no exception) have 86 TVs with ESPN on them, and you can be sure it’s not my kind of place.  Why aren’t there bars that only run A&E, the History Channel, and Discovery?   Like a crab shack that runs that crab catching show?   Yeah, that’s the ticket.

So I’ll eat tenders, but not wings.    What brought me here today was someone asked if I had tried their burgers, and I hadn’t, so in I went.    The “Black and Blue Burger”  (original name, eh?)  was approximately a third pound burger with “cajun” spices and blue cheese sauce.  (A dribble of salad dressing, see pic).   I added a side of rings for 99 cents additional, and they were nothing to write home about (or here) either.

So about $12 including a soda.  Good enough, but not good enough!

wild png

wing burger

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