Portland, OR – East Bank Saloon & Restaurant Review

East Side SaloonLocated in a hysterical (sic) building, constructed in 1896, the location has been home to numerous businesses over the years, prior to the current owners establishing the eatery in 1978.  Mrs. Burgerdogboy had scored a Groupon for 2 burgers and 2 beers for $15, so after an afternoon of her biz errands, we landed in the bar about 3P, which is, coincidentally, the start of their lengthy and generous happy hour.

Mrs. B scored a couple of IPAs to accompany her “Hawaiian style” burger, a beef patty with bbq sauce and grilled pineapple.  I went with the Blue Cheese, which was topped with caramelized, marinaded onions, and opted for a side of deep-fried tots.  Since Mrs. B rarely has a burger, and I rarely drink, it was turnabout day, and I chased my meat with a PBR.   Yeah, I know Portlandians might think a PBR doesn’t qualify as a beer, but I went to high school with a Pabst kid, so there ya go.

The joint wasn’t very busy, so service was great, the the server/bartender was friendly, helpful, and H-O-T.

We finished the afternoon with another brew, moving out to the rear outdoor deck (they also have tables on the sidewalk, in front, as well).

Overall, it was a good experience.  Always made better when I don’t have to pay!

Lots of TVs and sports memorabilia for those of you interested in that sort of thing.   Olympics were on….women’s wrestling. ….. rrrrrrrrrrr.


East Bank Saloon

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