Portland – Jake’s Grill

Part of the McCormick & Schmick chain, which is based here, Jake’s Grill offers a menu similar to other M&S outlets, seafood, beef, and sandwiches.   I opted for the “Kobe” Burger, which is, as Ihave whined about before here, really “Kobe-style”, or even “American raised Kobe”, and not actually Kobe Beef,  not at $13 for (est)  6 oz of burger and accompaniments.   The menu calls for their burger to be served with carmelized onions, bacon, and blue cheese, I asked them to hold the onions, and what you see below is exactly how it was presented from the kitchen, with ‘adequate’ fries (resembling food service offerings), a mini-ramakin of ketchup,  lettuce, tomato, and bread and butter pickle slices.  (Dill, please, on my plate).    No other condiments were offered, though I imagine one could request them.   I wanted to savor the flavor of the meat (and the blue cheese).  (Kinda skimpy with that, fellas).  But the club soda with lime was nice!

I had asked the waitress to tell the chef to prepare it to his recommendation, and it was served medium rare, which was fine.  Trembling with anticipation, I lifted the first bite to my salivating lips, bit down, chewed, noted the smooth texture, and then…………..and then……………..my taste buds recoiled with the understanding that the chef had seasonsed this puck, and not with a simple pinch of salt and pepper like most chefs would……….no dammit, this burger swirled with the taste of onion powder, or possibly minced dehydrated onion.

Bummer.   This may be to your liking, however, to each their own, but it’s not for me.

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