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Le Bistro MontagePortland weekend brunch….if you’ve seen the skit on Portlandia, it’s pretty dead on. Long lines, high prices, “interesting” cuisine.

A lot of online reviews talk about how great Montage is, and to be prepared to wait.   We went for Saturday brunch with another couple yesterday, the wait was non-existent, there were about 8 tables taken on a Saturday morning, and the unique, interesting food?  Meh.

With “Cajun/Creole” influences, Montage serves a special brunch menu on weekends, and while the food is “interesting” it misses the mark in honoring its heritage.

We started with an appetizer of cubed pan fried Spam(tm) bits, with a special sauce, and as people are fond of saying these days “it is what it is.”

Two of us had the chicken fried steak and eggs, and prior to this outing I would say my favorite CFS in Portland was Country Cat, and after this outing?  It still is Country Cat.

Montage’s version is about a 6 oz meat patty, batter fried, the meat was fine, the batter nothing special.  It’s served with “cajun” potatoes (no clue why they are called that), and toast or a biscuit, I opted for sourdough toast.

Mrs. Burgerdogboy went with pesto Mac N Cheese, and a couple of oyster shooters.   Washed down the pasta with a couple of signature cocktails, the “Swell Looking Broad” (which she is) made up of Makers Mark, Lemoncello, Peychaud’s bitters, orange, rocks.  Nice. Stiff.

Two highlights.  Montage wraps your leftovers in foil creations, which are fun, and our over the top server Sylvia made our experience so pleasant that Mrs. Burgerdogboy would have liked her wrapped in foil for a take home treat.

I’d give Montage another shot with their full menu sometime, and to their credit, they are also open VERY late, which is rare in Portland.

But I’d go without the pretense of expecting the “Cajun/Creole” influence, as we moved here from New Orleans, and well….

Le Bistro Montage

Spam (tm) Appetizer

Le Bistro Montage

Chicken Fried Steak


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