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I feel like a New Yorker who has never been to the Statue of Liberty. I’ve lived here two years, and almost every day have driven by George’s Giant Hamburgers on 99w, and never stopped in, even tho it gets rave reviews locally. My excuses are lame – wrong time of day, no parking (very small lot), just ate, on my way to eat.

I had some time to kill in the neighborhood today, and George’s seemed like the perfect (and friendliest, lately) place to do it. George’s crows about the fresh ground meat daily, and superb cuts of beef, but I’m no connoisseur, all I want is am ample patty, nicely seasoned, and a fresh bun, and leave all that extra crap in the kitchen, if you please.

George succeeds, and delivers in a relatively timely fashion (tho while I was waiting a guy came in and asked “how many cooking in front of me,” and the counterman said “four”, and the customer said “be back later.” Hmmmm, maybe he knows something I don’t.

But I didn’t find out what that was today, because my order was up fairly promptly, even before a couple that ordered before me. (YAY!)

George’s doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of their meat, so they deliver your burger only with the grilled accompaniments you have ordered (like cheese, bacon, mushrooms, grilled onions) and they leave the rest to your design, at their very generous and fresh-cut condiments bar (pictured). Tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, a bunch of mustards, dill pickles, (slices AND spears), relish, big slabs of purple onion. Nice touch, George. (Is there a George?)

The burger was delicious, and I have taken to ordering no sides and only water to make the experience as pure as possible.

You should check out George’s, and soon, because there is a sign on the roof that sells “For Sale” (land and buildling only), so who knows what the future is?

I’d hate to end up saying “George, we hardly knew ye,” anytime soon.
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