Portland, OR – Gracie’s at the Hotel DeLuxe

I like Gracie’s.   My first exposure to it was my wife picked it for a birthday outing for me two years ago, and now it’s a regular stop for me.   The décor is “old Hollywood”,  and, with the exception of too many windows, I can sit there and imagine myself back at Musso & Frank, my favorite restaurant in the whole world.

Gracie’s describes themselves thusly on their own website:

This Portland eatery embraces classic American culinary tastes and traditions that pay homage to fine dining in the Golden Era of Hollywood. Our menu blends the very best of fresh Pacific Northwest ingredients with selections that are both at once surprising and familiar.

They offer a “brunch menu” daily, from opening through lunch, which includes traditional breakfast offerings as well as great sandwiches and entrees.  Dinner begins at 5.

The restaurant is located in the architecturally significant Hotel DeLuxe, which has these interesting gracies4pngstone murals on the outside,  I have asked a number of people the significance of them, but  have come up empty as to their meaning.

My lunch?  Why the burger, of course.  Grilled organic beef, medium rare, with very nice blue cheese, on a slightly sweet but not quite brioche roll,  with a massive order of hand-cut fries included.  Service was attentive but not overbearing.

(Sorry about the quality of the burger foto, “someone”forgot to use the flash!”)

The burger was superb.  So was my company, one of the city’s real hot-shot attorneys.  Always a pleasure to spend time with you, Bill.

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