Portland, OR – Huber’s for Happy Hour

Mrs. BDB and I have started a new family tradition – hump day happy hours. Each Wednesday, we set out to check out one of Portland’s many fabulous happy hours for cheapo food and  beverages.

Tonight it was Huber’s, which I have written about before. Huber’s Cafe is Portland’s oldest restaurant, opening its doors in 1879, and while they specialize in traditional roasted turkey dinners, they offer a wide variety of menu items, with a few eclectic choices thrown in, from deep fried olives to steamed mussels.

The happy hour menu is fairly lengthy, and happy hour starts early at Huber’s, 4pm, and runs til 630, cranks up again at 930p.

We grazed our way through the happy hour food menu, Seared Ahi, Mongolian Beef Sticks, fried Calamari, and a Cheeseburger.  All were priced at just a few bucks each, with the exception of the ahi, which was $6, IIRC.   Mrs. BDB had a couple of cosmos, and I had my usual diet soft drink.

Some traditions survive at old-timey places, like bringing the drinks in the mix glass to the table and pouring it there.   That’s nice.    Service was perfunctory (I seem to be running into a lot of that lately), in other words, business-like and short on conversation.  I am more apt to go largess in the gratuity department with a server that engages us when we are out.  Still no complaints.

Mrs. BDB pronounced the ahi superb, and the calamari a success (I don’t consider calamari food, so I ignored it).  I tried one of the beef sticks, which were made from an excellent cut of beef, and came with a sweet/hot sauce that was intriguing.

The burger was good enough, especially at 2.95, and came with a ramekin of 1000 island glop.  There’s nothing special about the burger, its not a hand-formed patty nor any exotic mixture of grind, but it’s a good, utilitarian cheeseburger w/ fries.

Huber’s is a great stop on the Happy Hour circuit in Portland.

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