Portland, OR – Lunch at the MAC

When my colleagues said “Let’s meet for lunch at the MAC,”  I was excited.  I didn’t know what the MAC was, but I thought it might stand for “Mighty Academy of Cuisine.”   Or perhaps I didn’t hear them right, and they said “Let’s meet for lunch on the MAX,” which is the local light rail system.   But it turns out, the MAC is the Multnomah Athletic Club, a hoity-toity establishment for local blue bloods seeking fitness, companionship, or ogling.  They only open membership on occasion, and you have to be nominated to join, and pass somebody’s muster.  I only like places where the only thing  I have to pass the is the mustard.

The sign on the front door says “Private Property, Members and Guests Only, Video Surveillance on site.”  Hmmmm.   Kinda brings to mind the Groucho Marx quote, “I’d never join a club that would have someone like me as a member.”   I relate.

OK, all bullshit aside, I have been here before and it’s really nice.  The dining room is tastefully decorated in flat screen tv’s and photos of athletic type activities from days of yore.  Ambiance is accented by an aroma therapy system that pumps in the odor of locker room sweat and old gym shoes.

BUT.  We’re here for the burgers, and they don’t disappoint.  A half pound fresh ground beef, on a bakery roll, with your choice of cheese, or whatever cheese the waitress thinks you said, lettuce tomato, grilled onions,  a schmear of thousand island on the bottom bun, and a couple of bread and butter pickle chips.

Mine was cooked to my specification of medium rare, and other than the lettuce, tomato, pickle chips, and thousand island, it was superb.   I used to order burgers on these excursions “plain”, but I have taken to ordering the “special” to see what the burger they brag about it like.  OK?

Fresh cut fries accompany the sandwich, and if you want tartar sauce on the side (some do), go ahead and ask for it.  Other condiments are table-side, to your own taste.

The MAC burger is a fine one.  Thanks for lunch, Willie.  I’d say I’d be back, but then, it’s not really up to me.  ( I didn’t include a map, because if you get invited, your host will tell you where it is!)

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