Portland, OR – Mike’s Drive In

Local chain of mom & pop style burger places, this one (Sellwood) safely housed in former A&W, by all appearances. Fairly deep menu of the usual variety of burgers, with “Mike’s Special Deluxe” topping the price chain. (Burger with bacon, cheese, fried egg and thousand island). Food cooked to order, so be prepared to w-a-i-t for it, w-a-i-t for it. Combo gives you sandwich, fries, small drink, and slaw or cookie option. Variety of hand-scooped milk shakes, “regular” and “old-fashioned” (I didn’t ask).

Ordered a bacon cheeseburger, plain, side of tots, and chocolate shake. About $9. Patty is very thin, probably 3 ounces, but was very similar to Fatburger (crispy edges), which I like. Funny, the investment fund that owns Fatburger is located here, but the closest outlet is Seattle. Bun was toasted, tots crispy, shake creamy. I’d return. Menu sign also says they feature pastrami. Odd combo.

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One comment to “Portland, OR – Mike’s Drive In”
One comment to “Portland, OR – Mike’s Drive In”

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