Portland, OR – Stella’s Twisted Burgers (Food Cart)

Couldn’t wait to try this one, after reading other descriptions of it online.  Stella’s is a new cart at the 3rd stellas ext png& Stark pod, actually right on Stark, and they offer elaborate burger and pulled meat sandwiches.  And one sausage.   The payphone parked right in front of the cart might come in handy if you’re giving the finger to your cardiologist and eating at this place.

To Stella’s credit, they have come up with some really interesting combinations, and go to an awful lot of trouble to select or create the best toppings (big points for the garlic mustard aioli).

I ordered the Stella Blue, a 100% angus burger, on a grilled bun, and topped with wild mountain mushrooms, carmelized fennel, bacon, fried egg, bleu cheese, and the aioli.

Like a bartender who is a heavy pour, the grill man at Stella’s doesn’t skimp with the toppings, and as you can see in the photo, they start on the burger and drift eastward to fill the clamshell.  They are generous with the previously mentioned (delicious) garlic aioli mustard, as well.   The mushrooms and bacon were top notch, and the fennel was a very interesting choice instead of onion.  I love fennel, and to have it this way is a real treat.   The bleu cheese was top quality, and the fried egg done to perfection.   They are kind enough to give you enough napkins and a fork to work on this monster.

That’s the good news.  Also the good news is you probably wouldn’t notice what I am about to say, if you picked this puppy up and took conventional burger bites.

But in my quests, I try and look at each component, and today, after the delicious sauce, cheese, bun, mushrooms, bacon, what was left was an ordinary food service Sams/Costco/Sysco burger patty, and not a very high quality one, at that.

If the entire burger experience is what floats your boat, by all means, head to Stellas.

But pass them by if it’s the burger itself that rocks your world.

Sorry folks. Switch to fresh ground, hand-formed patties and you’ll be around forever!

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2 comments to “Portland, OR – Stella’s Twisted Burgers (Food Cart)”
2 comments to “Portland, OR – Stella’s Twisted Burgers (Food Cart)”
  1. UPDATE, DEC 31. Received a nice note from Stella’s that they will be changing to a fresh ground hand patty soon – they have been working on a formulation with a local butcher. This will make an already extraordinary burger fantabulous! Can’t wait!

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