Random Wednesday Thoughts

If you can’t live without a “hot dog cooker”, here’s a goofy one (pictured below) on Cooking.com. A mere $32.95.

Someone directed me to Builtburger.com this morning. They will deliver specially seasoned 6 oz burgers to your house, for an average of $50 plus shipping. I think that comes out to about $28 a pound. They say they are “the world’s finest burgers”, and at that price, they better be.

Cooking.com has a recipe this morning for a “hot dog crown roast.” Mashed potatoes on a platter, stick weenies in them standing up, sprinkle with shredded cheese, heat. Not sure you’ll fool anyone, but kids might like it.

Red Coach Diner downtown for lunch today, if they are still open by the time I get there.

hot dog cooker PNG

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