Recipe – Classic Cheeseburger (Safeway)

I was in my local Safeway this morning, which is probably one of their smallest stores, and they are about to tear it down and rebuild.  They have such a limited selection and such high prices, and a  giant remodel job at a nearby local Fred Meyer (Kroger) probably leaves them no alternative.

1.99 pounds of 80/20 rang up at $7.34 before any discounts.  The only “origin” labeling states that it is a product of the USA and Canada. (The cow must have wandered across the border at some point).

The “come on” package sticker  stated that if I peeled it off, I’d find a “Class Beef Cheeseburger Recipe and Cooking Tips Inside.”

Wow.  I seriously needed that.  I would have gone for a cheaper package (but in fact, there were none) but for that sticker.  I needed that recipe!

So here it is:

Total recipe time: 25-30 minutes

  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 1/2 tsp steak seasoning blend
  • 4 hamburger buns, split
  • 4 slices cheese (such as Cheddar, American, Swiss, etc)
  • 4 lettuce leaves
  • 4 tomato slices
  • Toppings (such as ketchup, mustard, onion slices, pickles)

1. Combine ground beef and steak seasoning in large bowl, mixing lightly but thoroughly.  Lightly shape into four 3/4 inch thick patties.

2. Place patties on grid (sic) over medium, ash covered coals. Grill uncovered, 13 to 15 minutes (over medium heat on preheated gas grill, covered. 13 to 14 minutes) until instant-read thermometer inserted horizontally into center registers 160 degree F, turning occasionally.  About 2 minutes before burgers are done, place buns, cut sides down, on grid. (sic) .  Grill until lightly toasted.  During last minute of grilling, top each burger with cheese slice.

3. Line bottom of each bun with lettuce leaf; top with tomato slice, burger, and toppings, as desired. Close sandwiches. Makes four servings.

So there you have it,  just in case this was missing from your cookbooks, recipe file, or Google.

Thank you Safeway!  Now lower your prices and have a wider selection of products!

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