Ridgefield, WA – Jollie’s Restaurant/Bar

Odd I find myself here.  Even odder, I find myself here for the 2nd time in a couple months.

Out looking at land for a client project, we rolled into Jollie’s for a bit o lunch repast…being as it was the only thing around.

This kind of dive/diner/truck stop is fine with me.  My companions were leery, one being the goddess of gluten-free, and it’s hard to find a menu which suits her special diet.  Our other pal?  A sandwich would do, and he would surely find a selection at a place like Jollie’s.

The last time I was in here was with Mrs. Burgerdogboy, we were wasting 30 minutes or so on the way to an event.  We were in the bar, and treated like lepers, being as we were obviously “from away.”   The regulars gathered in their huddle, and the help was only interested in getting tips (or laid?) by one of the regulars that night.

Today was different, in the dining room, service was affable, if not courteous, and unrushed.

I ordered the Deluxe Cheeseburger, gluten-free girl was saddled with a plate of iceberg lettuce with strips of pressed chopped and formed protein, and other dude went for the club sandwich.

A cry came from the other side of the table at the first bite of the club.  It was “hot!”  In that, in all my experience, a club sandwich is served on white toast, but the innards are cool, if not cold and crisp.  This sandwich was apparently prepared like a grilled cheese, which resulted in hot mayo, something not many people like.

The iceberg with protein got pushed around a plate.

I dissected my cheeseburger, scraped off the shredded lettuce and special sauce (thousand island), looked underneath the patty to find a whole slice of raw onion, as I had requested;  I adorned it with dill chips and yellow mustard myself.

Dug into the fries.  Wow.  The fries are really good.  Shoestrings with skin, fried crisp, seasoned to my liking.  Could have eaten a couple pounds of those.

The burger was fine.  Slightly seasoned, beefy flavor, probably began its life in the kitchen as a frozen patty, but good, nonetheless.  The bun was fresh, as well, and the cheese nicely salamandered.

Would I go back? Well, I never thought I would be back a second time, but seems like my life is going to have a big to do in that area, so yeah, maybe.  From reading other reviews, I know the service won’t be consistent, but I can hope the cheeseburgers are!


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