St. Paul, MN – JT’s Burgers

The year, 1974. The road. Minnesota highway 3, a pipeline from my college to the Twin Cities. Ultimate destination on that daily drive, was my internship at one of Minneapolis’ TV stations. Afternoons, the return trip, sunroof open, radio cranked, Machine Gun Kelly on KSTP 1500AM, “The Music Mother”, blasting out “Let It Ride” by BTO.

I’m cruising, I’ve a long drive home from work, and JT’s Burgers, at 1224 South Robert in South St. Paul, is in the way of me (thankfully) returning to college for the evening food service repast of lutefisk, lefse, and meatballs, or some variation of same.

JT’s offers heaven on a bun, and sides to match. Don’t believe me? Check their Yelp Reviews.

35 years later, and Minnesota Burger reporter KawikaMedia cruised into JT’s today, and ordered combo number one. He apologizes for the focus, he was staring at the rings instead of the viewfinder!

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