Taipei City, Taiwan – The Brass Monkey Review

Taiwan reporter Kayoumin stopped in at the Brass Monkey last nite, Taipei’s bonafide Antipodean style sports bar, and, while the menu offers a wide variety of ‘western style’ ‘sports bar’ cuisine items, opted for the giant saucisson (hot dog), with fries and beers on the side.

He said that the sausage was “German style”, which had good flavor, and he added mayo.  He was surprised by its density, anticipating a ‘softer’ sausage, and said it was far too big for the average European appetite.  (Kayoumin, you want to know about sausage surprises, ask me about the first time I ordered andouille in Paris!).

In looking over their online menu, I’d be tempted to try the “Giant Monkey Burger,”  two 14 oz beef patties, double cheese slices, bacon, egg, and onion rings, which is offered for about $16 USD.

The pub has specials throughout the week, and offerings to suit game nites, whether you’re a fan of Asian baseball or international football.

In addition to burgers, enjoy steaks, pizza, and sandwiches at the Monkey as well.

The Brass Monkey is located at 166 Fuxing North Road, Taipei.  Driving and MRT directions here.

Hey, Kayoumin, must have reminded you of some of our nites at Dan Ryan’s in Hong Kong?

Brass Monkey, Taipei City

2 comments to “Taipei City, Taiwan – The Brass Monkey Review”
2 comments to “Taipei City, Taiwan – The Brass Monkey Review”
  1. you are my US food mentor…
    of course I remember our HK and GZ food orgies…
    recently I ran into a new mexican restaurant in Taipei… the nachos made me think of our super crazy Hard Rock Cafe tequila nights back in 97 in Guangzhou… that was awesome.
    man… old code… all due respect…

  2. Ah yes, the HRC in Guangzhou, and that crazy Singaporean manager! We had some awesome tequila nites in Dallas and San Francisco, too. I got in big trouble the San Francisco nite! LOL. Old days.

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