Ten Worst Burgers of 2010

Everyone has done a “best of” series, so, bitter curmudgeon that I am, here’s my ten worst burgers of 2010:

10.  Stanich’s, Portland, OR.  The legend lives on.  Except for me.

9.  Wendy’s “Baconator

8.  Stepping Stone Cafe, Portland, OR – featured on “Man vs. Food” for their giant “mancakes’, this place seems to soar with their breakfasts, but falls flat in the burger arena.

7.  The Mad Greek, Baker, CA.  Nobody’s mad for this burger.

6.  Little Big Burger, Portland, OR – kind of the NW’s version of the rage about LA’s Umami Burger.  Everybody is talking about Little Big Burger, but not me.

5.  Stars Hamburgers, Arcata, CA.   Really had to choke this one down.

4.  Rogue Brew Pub, North Plains, OR.  Garlic burger is stinkola.

3.  Violetta, Portland, OR.  Started with a bang, continuing with a whimper.

2.  Garden of Eden, Eden, ID.  A truck stop makes a truly awful burger.

1.  Umami, Los Angeles, my worst burger of all.  While they say “you can’t argue with success”, I can, and although Umami falls onto many ‘best lists’ (including being named GQ’s “Burger of the Year”), for me, this was the ’emperor’s new clothes’ burger of 2010.  A joke.

Worst Hamburgers of 2010

Worst Hamburgers of 2010

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