Steakburger Review, Vancouver, WA

Steakburger Vancouver Review
Geez, I love the old highways of America. Been up and down, back and forth most of the classics, like Hwy 61, Rte 66, US 2, and so on.


Oregon has US 99, which runs from the Mexican to Canadian border purdy near. In Portland we have two 99’s, one on each side of the river, 99e, and 99w.


Both are chock-a-block full of old-timey motels, garish (some would say) neon signs, drive-ins, old strip malls, and highway knick-knacks, if there is such a a thing.

Just over Oregon’s northern border, 99e meanders through Vancouver, Washington (AMERICA’S VANCOUVER, some call it). Other people call it Van-tucky.

But it is the home, has been the home of “Steakburger and Mini-Golf”, since, since (searching memory bank) …… 1962!


(Update:  sadly, this location is scheduled to close and be redeveloped into some yucky redundant urban sprawl in 2014).
I know what you’re thinking: “BurgerDogBoy, are you saying that there is a place that serves great burgers AND has mini golf?”

That’s exactly what I am saying!
My burger companion today was Mr. Extraordinary Vancouver Banking Guy. I acted demur and only went for the Jumbo 1/3 pound cheeseburger, but no condiments, and rings, but MEVBG boldly went for the double and fries. Should you be so inclined, Steakburger will happily serve you a one-pounder.

I order ’em plain these days so I can actually taste the meat. Steakburger regulars get mayo, lettuce, and Steakburger BBQ sauce, onions and tomatoes upon request.

The burger was thin, and the edges crispy, which is exactly the way I like them, and very reminiscent of Fatburger’s cooking method. I pulled the top of the squishy sesame seeded bun to look closer at the patty – it was OVAL shaped! Wonder of wonders, you can fit an oval burger on a round bun! The patty itself was nicely seasoned.

I thought the fries were extraordinary. Really. They had a salty spice mix on them that might be too much for some tastes, but I loved them.

The rings were good, but not unique. For non-meatatarians, Steakburger has a few chicken and fish offerings. And holy cheeses! Grilled cheese sandwiches as well.

Outdoor patio overlooks the mini-golf course, which appears to be from the same vintage as the cafe, no LEDs or neon here. But so what. What a great place to feed and play with the family.

Usually my exposure to Vancouver is one of a passing through nature. But Steakburger is within spitting distance of an I-5 exit. It’ll be a regular stop for me from now on.

Vancouver Steakburger Review
Vancouver Steakburger Review
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Steakburger Review Vancouver

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