Wendy’s New Look and the Portabella Bacon Melt

The fine folks at Wendy’s suggested I try their new Portabella Bacon Melt, which is a 1/4 pound of their fresh beef, bacon, two slices of American cheese, sliced portabellas, cheddar sauce, on their new brioche bun.  The LTO brioche has replaced the LTO pretzel roll, which was a damned fine bun.

The burger is good, I like the cheese sauce and the availability of Portabellas at a fast food outlet is nice.  Crisp, flavorful bacon.  The brioche is soft, with a touch of sweetness.

I added a side of the fresh cut fries, which Wendy’s rolled out 2-3 years ago, and as I have said often, I think they are some of the best fast food fries out there.

I took my outing at a newly remodeled Wendy’s, their new concept, which features softer colors, more comfortable seating, a couple of TVs (tho on mute), and the amazing Coke Freestyle machine, which allows you to mix and match dozens of Coke products.  These puppies I like, a reminder of mixing different sodas together as a tot, it was a big deal.  We called it “swamp water.’

You now what was kind of cool about the remodel?  I asked a couple of counter people if they were laid off while the remodeling was going on, and they said no, Wendy’s let them work at other nearby outlets.  That’s great.

My pic of the burger didn’t turn out so well tonight, so here’s the official publicity photo; the sandwich I was presented didn’t vary that much from this photo.

Wendy’s keeps innovating, while others stand still.  They have my attention.

Bacon Portabella Melt on Brioche (2)


Ed. Note.  My meal was paid for by Wendy’s ad agency.

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