Zeitgeist Arts Cafe Review – Duluth, MN

Zeitgeist Arts Cafe Duluth MinnesotaMinnesota Burger Reporter Kawikamedia checked out the Zeitgast Arts Cafe in, part of Zeitgeist Arts, a combination cafe, arts cinema and theater in the downtown neighborhood that is rapidly becoming Duluth’s “Art Sector”.  He and his pals took in  “The Skin I Live In” which he pronounced to be the strangest movie he had seen in a long time, and then popped into the cafe for a bite.

The cafe has  a large bar, with windows overlooking Superior Street, with the splendor of the ediface of the former Hotel Duluth in view.

Kawikamedia had the grilled Angus burger, with melted cheddar, dressed with lettuce, tomato, onions, and mayo, plopped on toasted bun and accompanied by pommes frites.  (I never knew there was anything “French” about Duluth, except for the founding father).

He pronounced the burger and fries as A-OK!

Zeitgeist Arts Cafe Duluth Minnesota




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Zeitgeist Arts Cafe Review – Duluth, MN

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