Make Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche RecipeI had a girlfriend from Barcelona who introduced me to all things dulce de leche. A pint of DDL Haagen Dazs was her go-to cure all.  Even for headaches.   I like it, don’t have it often, but it’s good to have around the house as a dessert topping, and try mixing into brownie mix or frosting brownies or cookies with it.  Stir it in your coffee.  Swirl a little onto your peanut butter toast. Yum.

Here’s the easiest recipe you’ll ever find for anything.  Throw a can or two of sweetened condensed milk  (pictured left) into your crock pot and fill with water to at least an inch above the cans.  Turn on low overnight.  The next morning, you’re in DDL heaven.  The longer you cook it, the darker it will get.  You can also do it on the stovetop in boiling water, and of course, that’s much faster.

I will want to store mine in the refrigerator, so instead of cooking it right in the can, I poured it into mason jars prior to it taking its Crock Pot bath, and it’s ready to be used or stored.  If you like to experiment, you can flavor it.  Vanilla is a popular option in many countries.

My oh my.

Dulce de Leche Recipe

2 Jars Under Water in the Crock Pot


After 6 hrs in crock pot on low heat.

After 6 hrs in crock pot on low heat.









Make Dulce de Leche Make Dulce de Leche

2 comments to “Make Dulce de Leche”
2 comments to “Make Dulce de Leche”

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