Detroit, MI – American Coney Island, Part 2

Yesterday we brought you the story of how the coney island style hot dog came to America, courtesy of the founders of American Coney Island, in Detroit, Michigan.  Today we will tell you the results of using one of their coney kits to fix these wonderfully American treats at home.

First, I have a suggestion for the government of the city of Detroit.  We’ve all read about the financial problems you’ve been having. You should have consulted the people of American Coney Island, because they understand MATH!  Why do I say this?  How often have you shopped for hot dogs and buns at the grocery, got home, opened the packages, and there’s one quantity of hot dogs, and a different quantity of buns.  What’s the deal on that?

Not so with the American Coney Island hot dog kit, no-sir-ree!  Twelve hot dogs. Twelve buns. GENIUS!   Why hasn’t the rest of the industry caught on?  Sheeesh.

Open your box from American, and you’ll find a nice package of 12 hot dogs, beef and pork in natural casings, 8 to a pound, that’s a good size for adults;  12 bakery fresh rolls. 16 ounces of American’s coney sauce.  And one monster onion.

For those of you who are sensitive, be forewarned I am about to use a four letter word here, in describing the first step in preparing American Coney Island hot dogs at home.


The goods come hard frozen nestled in dry ice, and you’ might be disappointed with the results if you don’t thaw the contents before prepping.

Simmer your dogs in water on a saute pan, if that’s your preferred method, or pan-fry them like you were using a flat top, in the traditional way.  Add a cup of water to the sauce and gently heat on the stove top, dice some onion.


  • Dog in bun
  • Coney sauce on dog
  • Mustard drizzle on coney sauce
  • Scatter diced onions

Bite it.  NOW!  Yes?  Have three more!

Man oh man, these are good.  The frank’s seasoning and flavor is just right, the casing has the perfect snap, the mild sauce is meaty and thick, and the bun as fresh as it had just come from the oven.

My attempt pictured below, and hopefully it’s close to the way Gust used to make them.  There’s a guy I wish I had the chance to meet and jaw with. Share  a dog or two.

I’m having mine with a Faygo root beer, from another fine Detroit company. (Bon Appetit said in 2009 that Faygo’s root beer is one America’s best). I think I agree.

I have a hankering to spend some time in Detroit all of a sudden.  If you can’t get there, order a mess of coney kits from American Coney to impress your family, friends, co-workers.


 American Coney Island



American Coney Island


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