Ask Me About My 10″ Wiener

That’s what the t-shirts from Bro Dogs read. Does size matter when it comes to your weenie? I’ve never been one for foot longs, at least at home, because it’s so hard to find buns. I know of one store locally that has them “almost regularly”, but not often enough that I’d want to purchase foot-longs and come up bunless.

Or I could always cut them in half (or thirds), but then what’s the point? In any regard, the weenies from Original Bavarian Sausage in Tigard put Bro Dogs to shame. Fully extended, you can see these puppies weigh in at a solid thirteen inches!

The grind is very, very fine, but the flavor is good, only a slight smoke, and a nice casing. Served alone or with Skyline Chili, they are a welcome addition to my usual local dog vendors. My local fave list in addition to Bavarian, includes Otto’s, and product from Zenner’s, available at most local grocers. Hill Meat Company from Pendleton makes a fine weenie, too, but they are not as easy to find as Zenner’s.

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