Cher-Make Natural Casing Wieners

1928, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and Emil Chermak had a bunch of old world sausage recipes which he decided to share with this friends and neighbors.   80 some years later, Cher-Make is a good sized producer and supplier of smoked and fresh  sausages in the Upper Midwest.

With a wide variety of summer sausages, ring bologna and wieners,  Cher-Make can be found in local supermarkets through their locator.

I sampled their natural casing wieners, which came in a 24 oz package for $7.99, but had an instant $2 off coupon attached, making this a very good value.

The ‘snap’ is great, the flavor very good, and I especially like these because they have a slightly smokier flavor that most hot dogs.

Cher-Make has a fun little feature on their website, where you can make your own labels for their products, surprise the hot dog lover in your life!  Some nice recipes as well.

Cher-Make Wieners