Kawikamedia Cooks Hawaiian Weenies

Our Minnesota Burger Reporter Kawikamedia, lived in Hawaii for a great portion of his life, and still celebrates the state’s culture and food in the frozen tundra of Minnesota.  yesterday, he whipped up chili dogs, Hawaiian style!  Zippys Chili with beans, Redondo Hawaiian “Winners”, rice and mac salad.

His mac salad secret ingredients are Best Mayo,  chopped , green onions Alae hawaiian salt, black pepper a little milk.

He says its just like  Zippys in Honolulu  serves it. There is something about how all the flavors run together with the Aloha shoyu, the ice cold mac salad, the chile with the Portuguese sausage in it, the Redondo winner the perfectly made Calrose medium grain rice. Oh so ono!

Kawikamedia says  “Don’t forget your favorite plastic plate and heavy duty plastic fork to make the greatest Hawaiian Plate Lunch!”

Pictured below, Zippy Chili, Redondo Wieners.

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