Movin’ on Up – Portland’s Domo Dogs

Like most of us, Domo Dogs in Portland, purveyors of the wonderfully exciting Japanese-fusion-hotdogs, had a year full of challenges.   But as the Chinese say, crisis and opportunity are borne from the same space, so the fine folks at Domo are making an effort to upgrade their business in 2011, and are purchasing a mobile kitchen in the form of a step van, to make their business more portable and available to Oregonians.

As such, they will be selling their starter cart (pictured below).  It is a fairly self-contained unit for someone that wants to break into the vibrant cart food business – and caterers and social organizations might consider the benefit of owning such a unit as well.

There are more pix of the unit at Domo Dog’s Facebook page, and you can contact Budd Lewis at, for more info, or drop me a note

Food Cart for Sale

Food Cart for Sale

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