Nick’s Coney Island Rolls Out Frank Nudo Day

For 48 years, Frank Nudo dished out coney island hot dogs, advice, and his opinion on all things sports related, as the owner of Nick’s on SE Hawthorne in Portland. When he sold out and retired two years ago, he vowed never to return, but in the intervening time, so many people have asked for him, the new owner hosted “Frank Nudo Day”, so all of Frank’s old friends could do a meet and greet, catch up. Local Frank and Nick’s fans were lined up at 10:30, waiting for the opening, offering their testaments to the chili dog, including Bill McCormick, the owner of Jake’s Crawfish and McCormick & Schmick’s who said Friday that — “if Maine lobster weren’t available — he’d want his last meal to be a Coney Island hot dog.” (Video from the Oregonian).

Frank Nudo Day

nicks coney  PNG

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