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Superdog, I love these guys, and don’t get into one of their shops nearly often enough. I was wandering around downtown today looking for a corned beef sandwich, and came up bupkis, so I threw in the towel (used to soak up the mega gallons of rain that fell today), and popped into Superdog, the one next to McDonald’s “homeless headquarters.”

Wasn’t in the mood for a combo, so doubled up my order to two dogs, asked for the double smoke (a beef and pork sausage, slight spice), and a Zweigle’s White Hot (which aren’t ‘hot’, btw).  Zweigle’s has been selling these pups out of HQ in Rochester, NY, since the beginning of time.

I first learned of them when my strict vegetarian girlfriend (I know) and I stayed with her ma in upstate New York, and as a surprise for me, she got some Zweigle’s and even ate one with me.

Haven’t seen them (or her) since, glad that Superdog has them.  They are slightly more flavorful than a brat, but resemble them in appearance.

The ‘double smoke’ is an east coast favorite, you’ll find them on many street corners in the large urban areas.   You’ll also find “half-smokes” on nearly every corner of DC.

It will come as a suprise to you (or not) that I over ordered.  The upside?  I got me some big sausages waiting in the icebox for another time.

Portland's Superdog

Portland's Superdog



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