Regional Profile – Sabrett Hot Dogs, Part 7

Natural Casing Beef Franks & Sauerkraut

I was really looking forward to the day we’d test these.  NC dogs are my favorite, and I love them with kraut and mustard.   Sabrett furnished us with all three components.

Sabrett’s Natural Casing Beef franks come 6 to a package, slightly longer than bun length; beef, water, salt, seasonings, smoke flavoring.  Certified gluten free.

Sabrett brand kraut package contains sauerkraut, water, and salt.   Sauerkraut is fun and easy to make at home, as well, its just shredded cabbage, salt, and six weeks of waiting!

I rolled these dogs around on a cast iron skillet to emulate the flat top griddle again.  Mrs. Burgerdogboy and I dressed them the same way, kraut and mustard only.   We used the Sabrett mustard, which is a really good product, very slightly hot, thick, great flavor.

I love these dogs.  Even tho I live on the opposite coast of where they are generally available in stores, I’m glad I can order them to be shipped out, when my urge arises.

Sabrett Skinless Bun Length Franks

Sabrett Natural Casing Frank

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