Van Nuys, CA – Happy Dogs/Legal/Bail Bonds

There are few things that go together better than hot dogs, legal advice, and bail bonds. While all of these services are not specifically offered by Happy Dogs, they are all within squirting distance of a ketchup bottle. Happy Dogs is across the street from the Van Nuys courthouse.

While HD does not dispense legal advice like the “Law Dogs” stand in L.A. used to, there was a lawyer on site barking into his blue tooth, using the table and chairs outside as a makeshift office. No F. Lee Bailey, he, think more about “Saul” on “Breaking Bad” in cutoffs and flip flops.

Anyway….. I was driving by and it had been about 20 minutes since I eaten, so I was feeling a might weak and peckish. So I decided to grab a dog, because it was a full half hour before lunch.

I went with their standard dog, with kraut & yellow mustard. Good enough to take the edge off, and amusing overhead dialogue from “Saul” to boot!

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