Wauconda, IL – Scooter’s Hot Dogs

Out beyond the hoity-toity Chicago suburb where we raised our family, there’s the outpost of the town of Wauconda, IL,  a nice little lake, some shops, quiet neighborhoods.  We used to go there pretty often for an ‘all you can eat’ Friday nite fish fry, quite common in Northern Illinois,  Southern Wisconsin.

But today it was just a quick pass through and a stop at a local weenie emporium called Scooters, which has been around since ’86.  Scooters is one of the 1000+ places in Chicagoland that serves hot dogs, beef, and sausages from my favorite (and Chicago’s) supplier, Vienna Beef.

I went with a Maxwell Street (a Vienna brand) polish with kraut and mustard, and added a side of Greek fries;  which have Greek seasonings, oil and vinegar, and as you can see, a healthy dose of Feta.   They’re great, my new favorite thing I shouldn’t eat.

If you ever get to Wauconda, stop by Scooters for your Vienna fix, then hang around til Friday nite for one of the local fish frys.

Scooter’s menu is online.

Scooter's Greek Style Fries

Scooters on Urbanspoon

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