Amazing Advance in Pizza Boxes

Surely you’ve purchased hot crispy food for take out, gotten home, opened the box, and whatever crispiness was present at the shop has disappeared completely – you have a limp, soggy pizza, or onion rings, or french fries.  This is due to the heat from the food creating steam inside the box and having nowhere to escape.   It’s one of my rituals to always punch a hole or two in the box before i leave the shop, and this helps eliminate some of the problem, but not all.

Now comes a company from India called VENTiT, which has perfected box manufacturing technology to assure delivery of a crisp product.  Their invention assures integrity of the product inside as well as the container.  The boxes are currently available only in India, and U.S. pizza delivery chains should take note.

The VENTiT packaging provides for a series of strategically placed openings throughout the box, and tests have shown product actually remains hotter than in conventional packaging, while allowing for steam to escape to the outside, but not allowing any possible contaminants in to the box.

Here’s a video that demonstrates the process.

pizza box


Pizza boxes

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