Basil’s Pizza Review – Northfield, MN

Basil’s Pizza Review

I hate thinking about anything that I learned about “FIFTY YEARS AGO,” but here we are again, at Basil’s Pizza in Northfield, MN, our go-to pizza as students at St Olaf College. Back then, it was called “Bill’s Pizza.”  My fellow students and I kept Bill’s busy, as did our rival college across the river, Carlton.

We rarely  “dined in” at Bill’s, their world and our world consisted mostly of deliver boys coming to the dormitories, and in later years, off-campus housing.  If we did go to town, we were just as likely to make it somewhat of a pub crawl, pitchers of beers at the Reub N Stein (great charburgers too), or donut-sized onion rings next door to the pizza place at a mini diner called “Dino’s.”  Both of those two places have\long since become just memories.

Back to the pizza.  My choice, always the same, sausage and green olives.  My roommate one year, Joe, a ground beef and onion guy, tho occasionally shrimp and onion. (Joe?).

Old-timey deck ovens, hand-thrown thin and crispy crusts, sliced mozz melted perfectly. In my case, hand pulled nicely seasoned Italian sausage. Chunks are just the right size.

The best part?  Two large pies for around $20.  In my neighborhood, a single large is quickly approaching $35.  No kidding. THIRTY-FIVE DOLLARS for a PIZZA?

Need an excuse to visit Northfield?  Check out the Defeat of Jesse James Days.  When the good people of Northfield foiled a Jesse James bank robbery in town.  Usually during the first or second week of September.

Another annual big event is the St Olaf Christmas festival, choirs and orchestras, usually hard to get tickets, usually the first week of December. Start your inquiry here.

Check out Basil’s Menu.  Stop in. Enjoy.

Basils Pizza Review

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Basil’s Pizza Review