Burger King Bacon Egg Cheese Biscuit

Burger King Breakfast Review

I broke their rules! LOL

Last week, I hit a Sonic for the first time in ten years, revisiting their breakfast toaster sandwich.  Back in my fast food days, the toaster was pretty much top of the heap for my fast food breakfast choice.  It gave the appearance of being prepared freshly, and I liked Texas toast as a bread option. But last week’s Sonic experience wasn’t the greatest, so this week, I thought I’d try Burger King, which I also haven’t been to for a breakfast item since however long ago they first introduced the “Croissanwich.”  Long time.

Now they have biscuit and muffin breakfasts to counter McDonalds menu, and I (surprisingly) think BK has a little leg up.  For one thing, the bacon/egg/cheese biscuit  was prepared after I ordered, and, since I was eating in, was piping hot (except for the cheese slice).  Downside?  Tater thingies were a little chilled in the middle, much like last week’s Sonic tot experience.

But I was happy with the offering.  A meal (small taters, small coffee) was $4.78.  Have you noticed how all the fast foods are still trying to supersize you?  “Regular” meals are at the published price point, but I am always asked “do you want a medium or large?”

No.  I would have said that.   In general, I haven’t been a fan of BK the last decade or so.  For one thing, the stores are often dirty (in my experience), and for another, they are now owned by a Brazilian private equity firm, which doesn’t bode well for quality or the customer experience (or anything that costs, instead of makes, money).

So I’ll be back, as if I was in a biscuit mood, I’d usually hit McDonalds (unless I am in Hardee’s land, theirs are far and away the best). (Or Bojangles).

The best thing about my experience today?  The brand had nothing to do with it.  It was Mother Nature in the parking lot. (pictured below).


Burger King Breakfast Review


Burger King Breakfast Review

burger king bacon egg cheese biscuit




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