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Taylor Street Pizza ReviewWith a name that is synonymous with Chicago’s “Little Italy” neighborhood, the seven location Taylor Street Pizza in Chicago’s NW suburbs has a rep to live up to.

Primarily a delivery and carry-out operation (with dine in available at the Elgin location), Taylor Street offers thin, double dough, and deep dish pies, as well as standard Chicago fare like calzones, Italian beef, hot dogs, ribs, fried chicken, and a host of appetizers/sides.

I was motivated to try it today as I had a $10 coupon from, and I’m usually ready to try a new pie purveyor, especially when I am passing through Chicago, a city that has so many great pizza places.

My usual order is a thin crust, Italian sausage, green olive, and extra cheese, which was the choice today, as well.  A 16″ pie with the three toppings came to  $12.30  after the coupon. Spoiler alert:  Taylor Street carries Pepsi products.

It took less than 25 minutes to be ready, and came out of the oven piping hot just as I arrived.  Aesthetically, it was a work of art. Taste wise, for my pizza palate, it was perfect.  Flavorful sausage, mild sauce, a sprinkling of herbs (such a small thing always makes a pizza special to me).  The crust was crispy on the outside, and chewy as you worked your way in, as it should be. Excellent “pull” on the cheese, and best of all, cheese, toppings, sauce all adhered to the crust nicely.

Taylor Street will be one of my “go-to” places when I’m in Chicagoland, for sure.

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Taylor Street Pizza Review

Updated, November 2014

Had this 18″ beauty last night.  Incredible.

Giant Pizza

18″ of Cheesy, Sausagey Goodness!

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Taylor Street Pizza Review

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