Cincy Chili Day at Home!

If you know Cincinnati, you know it’s the chili capital of North America. I have previously written about the competing shops and the fierce loyalties to one brand or another here skyline_01 PNG

Well, today, I got a great surprise in the mail (don’t you just love receiving personal mail of ANY kind these days)? Portland marketing whiz Dan Berne, who knows of my affinity for all things chili-dog related, blessed me with a gaggle of packets of Cincinnati style chili mix!

It’s going to be a Cincy chili dog weekend for sure! It’s 6:35AM Saturday, and I’m off to Winco to get the balance of the fixin’s! Woo hoo! Thanks, Dan!

(Some hours later)

Well, the packet instructions were simple.  Add packet to six cups water, 1 small can tomato paste, and a pound to a pound and half of unbrowned ground beef.    Bring to boil, and simmer for two hours, until it reaches your desired thickness.

I went a little heavy on the meat, and long on the simmer, but it turned out perfect, I couldn’t ask for better home-made hot dog chili.    I knew it was right when I saw an oil slick on top of the pot (I’m not kidding, all great hot dog chili has one!) You can buy this product all over the internet. Just google Skytime Chili.

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2 comments to “Cincy Chili Day at Home!”
2 comments to “Cincy Chili Day at Home!”

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