DQ Chicken Fingers Review

Dairy Queen Cheese CurdsStarted in Illinois in the 1940s, Dairy Queen (now owned by Warren Buffet) is based in a Minneapolis suburb and has over 6500 stores in 27 countries. Over the past few years, they have been adding hot food items to their ice cream only stores.

I set out to have a Warren Buffet burger today, but the store I hit only offered fried food items, so I went with the 4 chicken finger basket, an order of cheese curds, and a bottle of water.  The basket also includes “Texas Toast.”   It was $8.79 for the lunch, pretty steep, IMHO.

The chicken fingers were hot and crispy, all white meat, but a little diminutive.  The curds were fantastic, and I had just seen a documentary about how and where DQ curds are made, so I knew they would be good.  They are real “curds” where as some places are really selling you deep fried cheese SAUCE.  Big difference. You have your choice of dipping sauces with the chicken, and one of them is country gravy!  YAY!

The “Texas Toast” should have been called “Delaware Toast” it is pretty scrawny as Texas Toasts go.

I like chicken fingers, and I’ve tried them a lot of places.  I did a chicken finger smackdown tour of the south, and came away from that liking Zaxby’s the best.

The full DQ menu is here, as is a store locator.   Menus in Texas vary slightly, not sure why.  I do know I have enjoyed “Steak Fingers” at Texas outlets in the past.

Dairy Queen Chicken Fingers Review








DQ Chicken Fingers Review

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