Fairfield, CA – Bugambilia’s Salvadorean Restaurant

Leaving the A’s game without consuming a single wienie, my partner in crime was feeling a might peckish and suggested we find the nearest In N Out and grab a burger, which proved more difficult than one might think.  Even tho the GPS showed numerous outlets within littering distance, we didn’t find one, and finally took the exit for downtown Fairfield, figuring their would be something to eat of any ilk there.

We drove past a Salvadorean restaurant, did a huey, and parked across the street, waddled in and sat down, the only mid Saturday afternoon customers, tho unbussed tables showed there had been plenty of diners earlier in the day. Or week.

Bugambilia’s offered typical Central American fare with a few papusas thrown in for good measure.  We ordered a plate of chili rellenos to share, in other words, for him to eat and for me to admire, with a Negro Modelo to wash it down for him, a diet coke for me.    I wandered the neighborhood a bit while we were waiting on the food.

The food was very authentic (in my experience) and very filling, and my pal liked it alot.

As we were leaving, I said “you know the way life works, we’ll get back on the Interstate, and there will be an In and Out at the next exit.”    He said, “that’s ok, I could have a burger.”

And there was.  And we did.

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