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Earlier this year, I did a compare/contrast of chicken fingers in the deep south;  I had a hankering for the white bread of the poultry world tonight, and Popeye’s would be my usual choice, but the two closest were too far away.

So I went to KFC.  I’m old enough to remember when that stood for “Kentucky Fried Chicken”,  now the emphasis is less on fried, and increasingly, less on chicken, judging from the size of tonight’s fingers.

And I walked in excited, and came out with attitude.  I dunno, maybe the workers were still on strike from that fast food protest yesterday;  they were present in the building, but not really there, if you know what I mean.

It’s Friday nite, a couple hours before closing, and I saunter, sashay, waddle, walk in.  Here’s the dialogue:

Me:  I’ll have the six piece strip, please.

Her:  I’ll have to see if we have any. (disappears for 4 minutes, 37 seconds.

Her:  Yes, ok.  Did you want the meal?

Me:    No thank you.

Her:  It includes two sides and a biscuit.

Me:   No thank you.

Her:  OK.  $6.99

Me:   OK (hand over card)

Her:  Passes back two slips of paper.

Me:   Thank you, Miss.   (3 more minutes pass)

Her:  Here you are.  (Hands me cello bag with box in it).

Me:   Do you have sauces?

Her:  Yes

Me:   What kind do you have?

Her:  Honey Mustard and BBQ.

Me:   Honey Mustard, please.

Her:  (Hands me the bag back).

What’s wrong with this picture?  What elements were missing?

How about these?

Is this to eat in or to take out?

Would you like a drink with that?

Original recipe or extra crispy?

Thank you for visiting KFC?

and so on…


According to the KFC website, they should have five “signature sauces” on hand.  I think I would have liked “Creamy Buffalo”.  In its stead, I stopped and bought a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce.

All six strips were in the box when I stopped to eat, though these are pretty scrawny strips.  I should have thought to weigh it, but I doubt it topped a half pound.  Anyway, it was OK.  Probably no better or worse that if I had purchased tenders from the hot counter at most grocers. KFC is trying to reinvent itself with a new concept, all boneless, chicken rice bowls and the like.  The first two have opened.  Louisville, I think.   Doubt I’l be checking them out any time soon.

YUM Brands is at a disadvantage with KFC compared to their other two brands, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, where they can take the same five or six ingredients and basically fashion it into a different shape, give it a fancy name, and voila!  New product.

KFC at least needs to start thinking like that.

And start buying bigger chickens, please.

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