French River, MN – New Scenic Cafe Reviews

Food so fresh you’ll want to slap it.

Revisit old Highway 61, and you might not feel like Bob Dylan, but you’ll be in for a culinary treat or two along this scenic road which runs from Duluth, MN to Canada.

Just past French River, you’ll notice the New Scenic Cafe, a plain and simple looking building that hides cuisine that is anything but.

Taking locavore to the extreme, the owners are cranking out “new American” with aplomb.  Marsha from Milwaukee (the cool town in Wisconsin, not the icky one in Oregon) and her beau took a jaunt up the shore recently, and sent along these great pics from New Scenic.

Here’s an earlier review of the burger from New Scenic.

Menus for the New Scenic are online, but change with the seasons and off the menu specials are often offered, as well.  If you hit the New Scenic and don’t get enough to eat? Doubtful.  Head up the road a bit to Russ Kendall’s Smoke House, for the best smoked fish you will ever experience, anywhere.


Slow roasted squash with yogurt, maple syrup, and mint

Slow roasted squash with yogurt, maple syrup, and mint

New Scenic Cafe

Braised figs, walnuts, sage, bleu

New Scenic Cafe

Greens with fried coat cheese, green beans, beets

New Scenic Cafe

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake



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New Scenic Cafe Reviews

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