Gluten Free Bakery – Portland’s Fairycakes

Mrs. Burgerdogboy trotted home some gluten free cupcakes last nite, baked by FairyCakes of Portland (503-961-3898), and available at Lingonberries Market in the ‘Couve.

We have a number of friends following gluten-free regimens, and have even hosted a GF dinner at our home.

I haven’t been impressed with a lot of offerings in the GF category. My lifestyle, cuisine choice, I guess would be to ask for double gluten, if it were available. I love bread and baked goods. My doctor would disagree with my choices.

I turned up my nose at the cupcakes. At first. Later in the evening, I gingerly approached them, took a pinch out of one of the Egg Nog cupcakes. If I were a tad younger, I’d shout OMG! here.

Incredible.  Having lived in Paris, I’d say I’m qualified to know a  thing or two about excellent bakery goods….and these are really superb, gluten or not.

Oregon’s best cupcakes?  Maybe.  But what else would Oregon’s best wife bring her husband?   Thanks, Mel.





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