Gov’t Doesn’t Like Recommendations? Get Rid of the Recommenders

The Portland/Multnomah County (Oregon) Food Policy Council has invested thousands of hours, meetings, discussions to work towards having healthier food choices and stewardship of local lands  for the region.  Not in the same vein as Mommy Bloomberg in NYC’s ban on large soft drinks, as such, but thoughtful, intelligent discussions and recommendations.

Lots of people gave tons of their own time for this organization.  Which summarily went out of business a couple weeks ago.  Why?   Because (Twilight Zone music) – it hasn’t ‘really’ existed for years.

Founded as a sub-group of the Sustainable Development Commission, which disbanded several years ago,  (someone must have not got the memo), ergo, since there was no Sustainable Development Commission, there certainly couldn’t be any sub-groups, or so says the lame (or roasted) duck Mayor and various County officials.

So what’s really the deal here?   This story is still evolving.  In fact, according to some people close to the food council, it’s not supposed to be a story at all.  So SHHHHHHH.

More details as they become available.

In the meantime, be careful of what you eat.


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