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Think I told this story once – the first time I ever went to the Green Mill, it was a divey little bar on a side street in St. Paul, MN.  That was….let’s see….nearly forty years ago.  A colleague of mine at KSTP, Suzy Applebaum, said we should go for lunch, and we did..even tho back in those days, the place being busy and all, and nearly an hour to cook a pizza, well, it was a long lunch.  No matter. Suzy was terribly charming company.  I should have spent more time with her.

It was one of those places that my mom liked, when  I snuck her away from her society snob ladies on occasion just to have her enjoy offbeat places.  She did like the Green Mill, and some years later (10?) suggested we hold my wedding rehearsal dinner at one. So we did. Could never say no to mom.

Now approaching thirty locations throughout the Midwest, the Green Mill has grown and changed, just like we all do, and was starting to show its age, just like we all do.  So they embarked on a little remodeling program, made it more “bar-ey” and less “restaurant-y”, added more TVs, dumped some of the old fixtures, and amped up the menu, with a host of new dishes, including beef and Minnesota’s favorite – walleye.

Wings come in a variety of flavors, and bone-in or bone-out.  Accompaniment sauces are made in house.  In fact their menu says many of their food items are now made fresh daily from fresh ingredients.  Nice.

Green Mill Pizza Review

Siracha Wings



Green Mill Pizza Review

Jalapeno Garlic Wings






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Green Mill Pizza

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