Ho-Made Condiments

It’s been quite a condiment year at the BurgerDogBoy household.  Mrs. BDB is always needling me that my condiments take up half the frig.  Sorry honey.  But I know you like variety!

We made dill pickles this year, kosher dills, dill relish, tomato relish, and sauerkraut.   We didn’t have enough romas to go around, or I would have tinkered with ketchup.

And while it did not come from our garden, this week I am screwing around with ho-made mustard.

I have 3 test samples going.   Very small batches.  In each case, I used mustard powder, as I am too lazy and cheap to roast and mash seeds.  Everything I read online about this venture suggested the seeds would produce very hot mustard, and I wasn’t looking for that.  Mustard powder (also called mustard flour) has the capacity NOT to be super hot.  Recipes state that it will be bitter and hot at first, and mellow out over time.

I am on day 3 of my experiment, and the mellowing seems to be taking place.

For each of my batches, I mixed 2 T mustard powder with 2 T water. I then put 2 T’s vinegar in each of the three samples, one had white vinegar, one had red wine vinegar, and one had balsamic, which, of course, produces a very dark colored mustard.  The other two are along the lines of commercial brands, in color.  If you want the bright yellow, you’re going to have to add a bit of turmeric  to color it. 

If I am happy with one of the tests, I will make a larger batch, and include it in some gift baskets I am giving out around town.  Or be piggish as usual and keep it all for myself!

Here’s what the glop looks like on day 3:  (yes, I KNOW my photos suck. I alledgedly have other talents).

Home made mustard

Home made mustard

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