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Since 1919, the sign says. Hollywood’s oldest restaurant, outlasting the other greats like the Derby and Chasens, Musso and Frank hasn’t changed much in the last 93 years – except for the prices. Name a historic Hollywood writer or literary figure and chances are, they’ve tipped a few at the bar.

As for me, it’s been one of my top three favorite restaurants in the world, since I was first taken there in the 80s. Now, each time my travels take me to Los Angeles, I have at least one meal at M&F.

The occasion this time was a gathering of friends during one of my business trips.

I was in the mood for “plan and simple classic”, while the ladies wanted to slam down a few of the (reportedly) best martinis in the world. Having seen the bill (and quantity consumed), they must have been pretty OK.

I started with the classic appetizer, “Stuffed celery,” which are stalks of celery slathered with a blue cheese concoction, sprinkled with paprika. At about a buck and a quarter a half stalk, undoubtedly the world’s most expensive celery, but who cares?

Service was over the top, as always, and the plates on the table ranged from a ribeye, to crab louis, mushroom ravioli, and lobster ravioli.

And me, I had a dull roasted turkey sandwich. But they cut the crusts off the bread, if you find that exciting!

Want to be an insider? Ask for a “basked of butts” when you sit down.

Musso and Frank is great for a date night, and to ogle movie stars, vintage and current. There’s almost always someone you’ll recognize sitting nearby.

Lunch for five, with a cocktail each?  About $250 with tip.

Menu is online.

Musso & Frank, Hollywood

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