Home Cookin’ – 7-Eleven Pizza Retest


 Thought I would retest the home version of the 7-Eleven pizza. My last epistle on this is here.  My local guys (map) still haven’t installed the miracle multi-thousand dollar Turbo oven, which cranks these pies out in about two minutes, but they are selling the same pies to cook at home, at a price point more competitive than the other product they stock.   But then, such is the case with all of 7-Eleven’s in-house branded lines.

This is a monster pizza, in terms of weight.  It’s  of the “self-rising crust’ variety, so it is a thicker crust than I generally care for.   But what’s a mother to do when s/he wants hot pizza at 10A, and no one is delivering yet?

7-Eleven is a little more generous with their toppings than many other frozen brands, as you can see with the strategic pepperoni layout to the left. Instructions call for @ 20 minutes at 400, and I use a stone, so that intensifies the cooking process.

The cooked pepperoni shows no char or cupping, so it’s one of the better varities of  America’s favorite topping, with a low fat content.  The box boasts “made with real cheese” and they can’t say that, if it ain’t.

Looking at the corporate website, and/or grilling my local guy, I don’t know if they are making more than the three varieties I see stocked – Pepperoni, Cheese, and “Special.”   I’d personally like to see an “all meat” version, as well as a thin crust option.

But this one?  For $5, and a few minutes from home, then home, it’s worth the dough.

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