Home Cookin’ – Home Run Inn Frozen (6 inch) Pizza

I’ve written about Home Run Inn frozen pizzas previously;  it’s the best-selling pie in the greater Chicagoland area.

Today I sampled one of their individual-sized pies (what?  Extra large is “individual-sized” for me!)  These are generally at the grocery for around $3.69 each, of three for $10.   They weigh 8.75 ounces, when their “regular” size pizza clocks in at 31 ounces.  Sometimes I like to buy weight/value, and even at three for $10, the individual pies are “less value” (price per ounce)  than HRI’s “regular” size.

The “Classic” line Sausage and Pepperoni features uncured pepperoni.  Uncured deli meats are all the range these days, appealing to that portion of the population looking for ‘healthy alternatives’, or at least convincing themselves that they are.

The rest of the pie’s ingredients are fairly straight forward, to wit:

Crust: Wheat flour, water, corn oil, yeast, salt
Mozzarella Cheese: Pasteurized part-skim milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes
Sauce: Tomato puree, water, oregano, salt, black pepper
Sausage: Pork, salt, spices, flavoring

It’s a great Italian sausage, one of the best available in frozen pizzas, in my opinion.

Home Run Inn claims their frozen pies are made exactly like the ones in their pizzerias, and you’ll get no argument from me on that.   If you’ve been paying attention to previous posts, you’ll know that HRI is one of my very favorite frozen pies, hands down.  The individual sized, btw, can be prepared in either a conventional or microwave oven.

They aren’t distributed nationwide, but you can order online, and have them shipped directly to you.  I recommend that you do.  Frequently.

By the way? If you’re paying attention to the whole “GMO” thing, Home Run Inn passes the test as not being a user or affiliate of GMO ingredients, according to the droid app “Buycott”.

Uncooked pie:

Home Run Inn Frozen Pizza

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