Home Cookin’ Test – Culinary Circle Pizza for One

SuperValu, a Minnesota based grocery chain (# 3 in US) is the owner of Albertson’s who carry SV’s in-house line of “Culinary Circle” products.  CC makes several varieties of frozen pizzas, including the ultra flat bread pizza for one product.

5.8 oz, microwave or conventional oven, I always choose the latter, which called for about 12 minutes at 425, but it took less than that in our oven.

The crust is cracker thin, the pepperoni and sausage is flavorful, I would have preferred more cheese.  The sauce leans to the “sweet” side, and overall, the pie flavor is reminiscent of any of the budget offerings in frozen pizza.

It doesn’t weigh in on the frozen pizza value for me, at about 50 cents per ounce.

I’ll buy it again when I see it as a sale item, it does provide a hot small meal adequate for most palates.

Culinary Circle Pizza for One Sicilian Style

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