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Trader Joe's Frozen Margherita PizzaIt’s going to be an enigma until the day I die – the frozen pizza industry in the US is dominated by a few big players that probably account for 99% of all frozen pizzas sold; and then there is Trader Joe’s, which might account for – a miniscule proportion, yet their product stands alone for quality and taste.  Why can’t the big guys make a pizza that tastes LIKE PIZZA?   Trader Joe’s can.

I’ve previously reviewed some of their offerings, like their mushroom flatbreadPizza Olympiad, and their “French style” flatbread.  All superb.

Their Pizza Margherita, made in Italy, is a straight-up cheese pie, topped with Mozzarella and Grana Cheeses.

Check out the exotic ingredient list:  flour, water, salt, yeast, oil, tomato, herbs, spices, and cheese.  That’s right, no extenders, preservatives, things that come from a lab.  Pure food.  Pure deliciousness.

The 15 oz pie is done in 8 minutes.  The crisp is crusty, the cheese full-flavored.

All of the TJ’s pizzas I have tried are imported, either from France or Italy.  A there isn’t a single one of them that hasn’t reminded me of some special meal I have had in those respective countrys.  Great job, TJ.

The “big guys” could learn a  thing or two from you!

Trader Joe's Frozen Margherita Pizza


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