Home Cooking Test – Target Frozen Pizza

Target Stores has developed their own in-store brand for many foods carried in the grocery section – the brand name is Archer Farms.

Last nite we were picking up a few pre-holiday items, and by impulse, I grabbed the frozen “Sicilian Style Thin Crust Pizza.”

The further description offered on the box front states “Genoa salami, capicola ham, and Italian sausage.”

While there are many Archer Farms products which are “natural” or certified Organic, this product does not fit into that category, and allergen information states clearly the product contains wheat, soy, and milk.

The Archer Farms product closely resembles California Pizza Kitchen’s “Sicilian Style” frozen pie, in terms of ingredients, appearance, texture and taste. (CPK’s variety includes more herbs than Target’s.

There are two things immediately obvious with the Archer Farm’s product, first, of course, being the price difference – it’s  couple of bucks less than the CPK offering.

Archer Farm’s pie has (by the eyeball measuring method), more toppings.  The label tells us that the meat toppings on the Target pizza are all pork.

This is an “ultra” thin crust pizza, ‘cracker-crispy” throughout, and bakes quickly (9-10 minutes) in a conventional oven.  The sauce is slightly on the sweet side, and I enjoyed the meat toppings immensely, especially the large format pieces of sausage, and the salami.

Fennel was a detectible presence, and that’s one of my favorite sausage flavors.

At the price, less than $5, it’s a very good value in frozen pizza.

If you enjoy thin crust, meat topped frozen pies, Archer Farm’s Sicilian Style is a good bet.  Now appearing at many Target Stores near you. (Locator).


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